A Community App Designed for Parishes and Ministries

The Catholic Connect App was created to help you engage with the community you’ve worked so hard to grow and serve. Enable Catholics in your community to feel connected, engage them on the go, access small group material, check what’s going on locally, engage with your real time church news feed, give a donation, and much more.


Built for you

We’ve worked with the Catholic community since the very beginning to build an app that all Catholics can use instead of simply providing a seperate app for each Parish and expect thousands of Parishes to use separate Apps.

Easy to manage

Your time is precious so we’ve built this social networking app to make it easy for parishioners to contribute in their own unique ways. That way your administrative duties don’t increase.

Community based

Use the Catholic Connect app to make it simple for Catholics to find relevant content in their communities and show support in order to keep the body of believers connected.

Finding your content

Give our Parish the ability to easily engage with your parish updates, resources to enrich their faith lives, and much more through our ministry App.

Provide resources

Let Catholics know your parish is serious about helping them in their everyday lives by providing them resources to help each other every day of their lives.

Giving online

Giving is a spiritual discipline, but it shouldn’t take forever. Let your Parishioners  find a way to give through your own Parish feed and remind them whenever you want.

Interactive Social and

Church Content Newsfeed

The most popular apps in the world offer an aggregated news feed that allows users quick and easy access to your content. Your Church App should be no different!  Make your content easy to discover and interact with by consolidating it all into an easy to use, intuitive, and delightful social newsfeed.

Interactive Prayer Wall

and Spiritual Guidance

The most popular prayer apps in the world offer an aggregated prayer feed that allows users quick and easy access for prayer requests. Your Church App should be no different!  Make prayer requests easy to discover and interact with by consolidating it all into an easy to use, intuitive, and delightful prayer newsfeed.

All-In-One Social

Networking App for

Our Universal Church

Amplify your message beyond the Parish and make it possible for people to connect with you while on the go. The Catholic Connect allows you to deliver rich content right into the hands of your Parishioners so they can engage at just the right time and place to meet their needs.

Find Local Groups

You Love!

Find and/or grow your local group with your community instantly! Push notifications are a great way to connect with members throughout the week, share useful information, keep everyone engaged, and inspire spiritual growth. Effective use of them has proven to drive over 181% increase in engagement!


Network with Business Professionals

& Find Local Businesses

Traditionally, finding Catholics in the business world can be difficult. Not for long! Catholic Connect enables your locals in need of your services to save your business and contact you once they have a need. Once your business has an account anyone can easily find your phone number, website, email, etc.


Free advertising to your Catholic community has never been easier! Tip: Business professionals and businesses with the most endorsements get seen more often. Tell your family, friends, and customers to endorse your business.


Find Single Catholics

In Your Community

Nowadays secular dating technology has made it easy for Catholics to find non-Catholic singles within their communities. Unfortunately, this connects people with different values. We make it easy for single Catholics to find other single Catholics within their community for free.

Enable your church to give easily in seconds from their mobile phone using text, app or online giving.