People want to use apps that connect them with others thus Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. do a great job! What differentiates us is that we are a faith based ministry by Catholics, for Catholics, focusing on connecting Catholics with everything that is available in their communities, all in one! We want our platform to serve Catholics in their everyday lives.

Compare App Pricing ($3,176 per year) app ($1,587 per year) ($1,200 per year)
App Features + PricesChurchBaseAware3Catholic Connect
App Setup$399FREEFREE
App Monthly Fee$99$292$100
Online Donation Fee2.9% + 30¢3% + Setup Fee2.9% + 30¢
Access to people outside of your Parish
Ideal for your Parish

Parishes that use Apps see an average of 32% growth in generosity

Catholic Connect Unique Features

  • Find Spiritual Directors
  • Connect with your Catholic community outside of your Parish
  • See all Catholic upcoming events
  • Network with your local Catholic business community
  • Locate influencers within your community
  • Find resources to grow in faith (videos, articles, etc.)
  • Find or create local Catholic groups
  • Let others find you on other social media platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)

Evangelize. Connect. Educate.

Church leaders are obliged to use “the full potential of the ‘computer age’ to serve the human and transcendent vocation of every person, and thus to give glory to the Father from whom all good things come” –Message for the 24th World Communications Day, 1990. Courtesy of