Empowering the Catholic business community

Want to learn how to tap into a huge market? We will give you the tools and advice needed to guide you on building one of the most successful marketing presence in your community. Advertising can be extremely expensive especially when trying to target a specific city and competing with already established companies and/or business professionals that spend 9-12% of their revenue on advertising campaigns to win over your potential customers.

It can be tough keeping up with your competition but as catholics we have a huge advantage, we can work together to help our communities. Here’s how:

In 2000, the average number of registered parishioners per parish was 3,277. An easy way to tap into this huge potential market is simply to list your company or business service on our social networking platform and you’ll get automatic exposure to thousands of catholic families within your community. When you list your business on our platform you automatically get exposure to everyone within 100 miles FOR FREE!

Is it really that simple? Yup!

Of course, realistically speaking not everyone in your parish will use our platform but check this out. Unlike other apps that charge a setup fee and a monthly fee for a parish to use their platform, we don’t charge anything! We let parishioners start connecting right away! No setup needed. If a parish loves our platform and chooses to upgrade to have more controls and features, it’s easy and affordable.

Let’s go a little more into detail and use a specific example to show you how great this can be for your business. For this example we will be using The Woodlands, Texas (Zip Code: 77381) as our location. Let’s say we are a catholic business professional offering affordable auto insurance to our community. Let’s assume it we charge $65 per month for each car insurance policy. Let’s also go ahead and assume 30% of local parishioners use our social networking platform, Catholic Connect.

Let’s see how many people we can reach:

Our friends at MassTimes.org show that within 24 miles there are over 30 parishes! And that’s only considering 1/4 of the total population your business can reach since we are only using parishes 24 miles away although we will give you free exposure to everyone within 100 mile radius from your business location, that means a lot of free business advertising for you! Now let’s take this example and do some math…

Average parishioners per parish: 3,277
30% of Parishioners on our platform: (.3 x 3,277) = 983
Parishes we reach from our Zip Code: 30

983 x 30 = 29,490 (that’s only 1/4 of the people who will see your business on our platform since this number is assuming your business will be shown a radius of 24 miles).

So really it ends up being: 29,490 x 4 = 117,960 catholics within 100 mile radius will be able to find your business for free!

Now let’s assume that out of all these people that can find your business only one tenth of a percent (.001) will actually end up looking for auto insurance through our platform and buying an affordable auto insurance policy from you.

That’s 117,960 x .001 (one tenth of a percent) = 118 customers!
118 customers x $65 auto insurance policy = $7,670 of sales per month just because you listed your business on our platform!

Remember, this is all free advertising for your business!

TIP: We recommend you take the time to create a professional looking business profile on our platform and keep posting updates on your business page so that more people reach out to you. A great way to get more free exposure is to get your family, friends, and customers endorse your business page. Get positive reviews and show the community why they should contact you!


If you love it and want to reach even more customers, you can upgrade to our low fee premium subscription $5 per month and you can reach even more catholics!

Get started now, download our app and list your business for free! Available for Apple and Android!